Our Businesses

Pennant Training Systems

Pennant offer a modern, blended training solution from generic and bespoke training aids, offering operation and maintenance savings and improved safety outcomes. These training aids complement training on real equipment and include basic hand skills devices, virtual reality trainers and maintenance emulators for regulated sectors.


R4i is a technology company that specializes in creating, managing and leveraging technical data and maintenance information for clients across a variety of industries. In addition to assisting companies with asset maintenance, product lifecycle and technical documentation software, R4i also provide software compatible with S1000D, ATA iSpec 2200, Mil-Std’s, ShipDex, RailDex, DITA and other industry specifications.


The Omega Suite is an innovative Integrated Logistics Support software solution, sold worldwide offering industry and government users applications to efficiently manage logistic support data. Additionally, users can conduct leading edge supportability analyses that enable optimized equipment support decisions over the entire product life cycle.

Track Access Services

Track Access Services (TAS) produced cab-ride videos to show the driver’s eye view of the railway throughout the UK which has been recognised as a valuable tool for Network Rail and the Train and Freight Operating Companies to improve driver route knowledge and safety on the railways. TAS have an online version of the application to deliver material to any platform.

Aviation Skills Foundation

Aviation Skills Foundation (ASF) is a not for profit organisation dedicated in transforming the approach to which aviation skills, individuals and a sustained skill workforce for the aviation industry is ready and available and can easily find the tools across the UK to be further a career in aviation. ASF aim to inspire, connect and help people achieve their goals and develop throughout their chosen career.