Basic Flying Control Rod Trainer (BFCRT)

The Basic Flying Control Rod Trainer comprises of a representative control column assembly, a short control rod run featuring adjustable control rods and stops, rigging pin provision and idler links. The rig terminates with a representative control surface that is capable of having its deflection measured.

The control rods, stops, torque tubes idler, and links are representations of aircraft components with adjustment and locking devices. The trainer also has a method of mal-adjusting the control rods to allow student exercises to be set up with the minimum of preparation by the Instructor.


Key Features include:

  • An Input lever, comprising a tubular control column and a moulded control column handle are supplied complete with a rigging hole and reciprocal location for pin. Adjustable control stops capable of being wire locked. Adjustment of these stops limit the range of movement of the reciprocal strikers mounted on input lever.
  • Control rods incorporate eye end fittings with L/H and R/H threads, witness holes, locking, colour as per typical aircraft components.
  • The aerofoil assembly incorporates a torque tube complete with strikers for adjustable control stops and is capable of being wire locked in a manner representative of aircraft control stops.
  • Rigging pins complete with flag and are provided along with a Gauge or Rigging board to enable measurement of the aerofoil assembly deflection.

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