Generic Fastener Installation Trainer (GFIT)

The Generic Fastener Installation Trainer (GFIT) provides each student with the initial cognitive and manipulative skills required for accurate hardware assembly. It is extremely portable and cost effective, requiring only a limited selection of hand tools and a bench vice. Although primarily designed for the aviation industry, the GFIT can be easily adapted to suit any industry that provides training in simple manufacture and hardware assembly.


Key Features include:

  • Fastener identification and operation
  • Determination of fits and clearances
  • Progressive/Pattern/ torqueing
  • Prevailing torque measurement/application
  • Lock tab installation
  • Application of chemical locking compounds
  • Split pinning (cotter pin installation)
  • Assembly of all-metal and low temperature lock nuts
  • Assembly and locking of an electrical connector
  • Single strand locking of black box screws
  • Figure 8 lockwiring of MS engine bolts
  • Double strand lockwiring of AN type bolts
  • Assembly of AN type unions and rigid plumbing

GFIT covers knowledge and learning tasks involved with the following aviation training standards and qualifications:

  • EASA/EMAR Pt66
  • FAA
  • City & Guilds

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