Generic Hand Skill Trainer (GenSkill) Mk2

The Generic Hand Skills Trainer (GenSkill) is a free standing physical prepresentation of a typical Flying Control Run. The Mark 2 builds and enhances on the training capability of the standard GenSkill training device by introducing a functioning low voltage aircraft circuit as a fabrication and modification embodiment to extend training to avionic skills.


Key features of the Mk2:

  • Introduction of a functioning low voltage aircraft circuit
  • Electrical harness fabrication
  • Sheet metal fabrication
  • Assembly of an aircraft – style LRU including soldering and terminating wires
  • Testing of the system with a portable test set (one supplied free per delivery)
  • Instructor controlled fault harness replaces the student harness with in-built faults (One supplied free per delivery)
  • Up to 23 practical tasks
  • Fault harness option

GenSkill MK2 covers knowledge and learning tasks involved with the following aviation training standards and qualifications:

  • EASA/EMAR pt66
  • FAA
  • City & Guilds

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