Hydraulic Systems Principles Trainer (HSPT)

HSPT enables practical hydraulic principles to be taught by either instructor demonstration or independent, practical exercises for the student. Students are able to carry out a range of practical training exercises, thus enabling progressive understanding of the fundamental principles of hydraulics. The HSPT has the flexibility to allow build-up of systems from simple basics to the more advanced systems of modern aircraft.


The HSPT supports training in the following elements of hydraulic system maintenance:

  • Compliance with safety requirements:-
  • Familiarise the student with standard hydraulic component symbols and circuits
  • Operation of systems and their controls
  • Repairs of hydraulic systems by replacement of components

The individual units have a self-contained method of generating hydraulic pressure, with an air inlet. By the introduction of air, it is possible to demonstrate fluid flow and the principles of bleeding and priming. Air can be introduced into the hydraulic system in a controllable manner by opening an air inlet valve at the power pack pump. The resultant stream of bubbles will be visible travelling throughout whatever system is being demonstrated or trialled.

HSPT is able to be used in normal classroom conditions and can be used safely without special protective clothing or equipment, furthermore, no special to type tooling or test equipment is required for training or for maintenance of the units.

Each workstation comprises an individual trolley-mounted worktable, with integral hydraulics system drive units, re-configurable transparent hydraulic modules and flexible self-sealing connecting hoses. The HSPT also includes a hydraulic power pack consisting of a pump, low-pressure regulator and distributor manifolds.

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