Integrated Avionics Maintenance Trainer (IAMT)

The IAMT is an aircraft structure with a full size cockpit, with unglazed canopy, representative of a military aircraft combining modern digital displays with older analogue gauges to enable the student to experience a range of aviation technologies.

The IAMT comprises of:

  • An aircraft structure containing representative:
    – Cockpit displays, controls and LRUs
    – Ejection seat and safety devices
    – Replaceable avionics LRUs and equipment housed within realistic avionic bays
  • Ruggedised tablet from which the student can select and connect virtual test equipment to the aircraft system emulations
  • Instructor Operating Station enabling the following functionality:
    – Integrated Training Management System (ITMS)
    – Cockpit display repeater screens
    – Insertion/Removal of faults
    – After Action Review facility

The cockpit utilises a common generic structure containing aircraft-specific fixtures and fittings for the LRUs in order to facilitate psycho-motor dependant training tasks. The IAMT design is modular with each piece of simulated hardware presenting to the user an aircraft-like physical interface and containing an embedded I/O module to handle communication with the remotely executing software emulation to maximise flexibility of use and commonality of design.

View the IAMT Overview Brochure