Synthetic Environment Procedural Trainer (SEPT)

The Synthetic Environment Procedural Trainer (SEPT) provides training in marshalling and ground handling of aircraft in an immersive safe environment, without the cost of using real aircraft. After classroom instruction, students consolidate their learning through practical exercises on the trainer in preparation for the real situation.


SEPT covers knowledge and learning tasks involved with the following aviation training standards and qualifications (as a minimum): EASA/EMAR Pt66, FAA, City & Guilds and CASA MEA.

Key Features

  • 150 Degree wrap around screen for total student immersion
  • Instructor Station allowing control of: Pilot / Marshaller signals, Aircraft movement, Creation of custom scenarios, 6  degrees of freedom camera control,
    Changeable weather / environment conditions, Hazards, emergencies & aircraft malfunctions
  • Simulated features include fixed & rotary wing aircraft, marshallers, airfield hazards, time of day and training areas
  • Integrated surround sound system
  • Video capture facility recording student actions for playback / debrief
  • Remote screen for observers
  • Signals modelled in accordance with NATO and STANAG 3117
  • Over 25 ready made training scenarios covering fixed and rotary wing

View the SEPT Overview Brochure