Virtual Aircraft Training System (VATS)

The Virtual Aircraft Training System (VATS) enables typical aircraft functional tests and fault-diagnosis procedures to be taught by either instructor demonstration or by student self-paced learning. Students will be able to carry out a range of practical training exercises through interaction with a virtual fixed wing aircraft, thus enabling progressive understanding of aircraft systems.

VATS is designed to support training methods that may be used to satisfy the theoretical training element in the classroom.

Key Features:

  • Virtual aircraft with: Intuitive navigation and operation, detailed aircraft bays & LRUs, Integrated aircraft systems simulation, Realistic real-time aircraft responses and 3D visuals
  • Training management system for: Training scenario creation, Planning, delivery & real-time monitoring of training scenarios, Automatic student assessment & report generation
  • Electronic technical publications suite for the virtual aircraft
  • Can be installed on a standalone Windows PC or networked for use in a classroom environment

View the VATS Overview Brochure