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Pennant International Group plc was established over 60 years ago and is a leading global provider of technology-based maintainer training and integrated product support solutions. The Group operates worldwide, with offices in Europe, North America and Australasia.

A combination of product expansion, customer development and acquisitions has allowed the Group to grow, alongside several collaborative arrangements with a strategic range of partners and agents in many countries, enabling Pennant to truly claim a global presence in supporting the:

 Safety critical industries.

Our Capabilities

The extensive portfolio for Pennant’s technology-based training solutions and ILS Software (OmegaPS and R4i) encompasses the conversion of full-size aircraft into training tools, immersive virtual reality experiences, small devices to improve hand skills, interactive 3D courseware and software tools to record, manage and analyse vast amounts of technical equipment data. The R4i software and service enables high-quality technical documents to be created, published and dynamically updated. These tools integrate to allow the population of technical documents from OmegaPS databases.

Our Core Values:

 Innovation – We use our knowledge and expertise to create world class  solutions
 Quality – We continuously strive to improve
 Teamwork – We all take responsibility
 Respect – We believe that everyone matters
 Performance – We deliver on our commitments

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